Thursday, April 28, 2011

Omelettes are a simple and quick meal I like to make when we just want a light lunch or dinner. 

Crack a few eggs and mix with a fork- 4 is perfect for the two of us.
Mix them up with some milk.
Cut up little pieces of onion (ew, my onion looks weird!).
Cut up some ham pieces.
Grate some cheese.
Add everything to the bowl of eggs and mix up.

Dump egg mix into sprayed pan.
I usually do half of it at a time.

I can never turn mine over nicely, so I just try to flip half over the top (like a taco shape), but most of the time I just flip it any which way it wants to go! Lots of chunks of egg-y goodness :)

haha, it doesn't even look like omelettes! :)
But it's still yummy and we like it.

I made some biscuits to go with it.

Just a simple easy thing we like to do.


Sailing with bare feet said...

Yummy !!!

Suzie said...

yum! that's my kind of meal--I would have to add grits, though!