Baby Bloom Bands!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A couple weeks ago I purchased some skinny elastic form an etsy shop, because I've been thinking about making some different kind of baby headband. I haven't been making anymore of my big flower crochet baby headbands lately, and I've really only sold like one of them. So I'm going to try out something a little different, and incorporating my bloom flowers that I use for my bloom necklaces. I made my first one today and I think it's pretty cute. What do you think?


This one was wrapped, packaged, and mailed to my sweet baby niece! 
I hope it fits and looks adorable!

*          *          *          *          * 


I've added some Bloom Rings to the shop!

Have already gotten a custom order for one! :) 

Over time I'll be adding more colors. 
If you don't see a color you'd like, ask me and I'd be happy to make one in the color of your dreams! ; ) 


The Ravert Family said...

Yes, they are adorable :)

Jessica said...

Thanks Rachel!

Dresden said...

LOVE the baby bloom bands. will they be in your shop?!

Jessica said...

Soon they will be!! :) I want to find out how well this one fits my baby niece!!