Ulitimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Have I got a YUMMY something to share with you today!
The restaurant where I waitress makes this sandwich called the Ultimate Grilled Cheese, and one of my customers ordered one yesterday, but wanted it made with a different kind of bread. But the cook overlooked the choice of bread I wrote and made the sandwich like regular, then realized what she did and made another sandwich. Well we can't let food just go to waste now, so my supervisor and I ate that sandwich- WOW! It was THE BEST grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had! After work I rushed to the grocery store and bought bread and cheeses to try and mimic the sandwich. I did. And here's how I made it so you can make one too! : ) 

 Ultimate Grilled Cheese Copycat! 

Sour dough bread
Cheddar cheese
 Swiss cheese
Parmesan cheese

 * The restaurant makes it with Panini bread but the grocery store was out.
*  I used grated Parmesan Cheese. Found little containers of it near the deli section. 

Slice and butter outsides of bread like you would a normal grilled cheese. Cut thin slices of swiss and cheddar cheese. On one slice of the bread I put slices of cheddar down first, then sprinkled a good layer of parmesan, and topped that with slices of the swiss cheese. In my heated pan on the stovetop I laid the slice of bread with cheese inside and heated it awhile before adding the top piece of bread. I actually covered my pan with a round pizza pan to keep in the heat for a minute to allow the cheese to melt a bit faster. After adding the top piece, flip sandwich over carefully and wait till other side is golden and crispy! -- pretty much made just like a normal grilled cheese sandwich! 

It's soooo good! Pretty sure I'll never make a grilled cheese the "old" way ever again! 

I ate mine with some of my chicken and rice dish

Okay, now go make one for yourself!

happy grilled cheesing!

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