New Shop Item Coming and Giveaway!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I must introduce to you a new item I am adding into my shop! 

{please excuse the creepy looking skin on my pointer finger. I burned it last week on steam while making dinner}  

Aren't they little cuties?! 

Made a pretty white one for myself! I love it!

They are made with the same cotton embroidery thread as my bloom necklaces, and are glued down to a silver plated adjustable ring. 

*       *       *       *       *       *

Before I add them into my shop I'd love to do a giveaway for one of these rings! 

One of you bloggy friends of mine will get to pick your favorite ring you see here in these pictures- the very first batch of my bloom rings!  

To enter:
 {only open to my blog followers please!}
 Lately I have been thinking about and wishing we could have a pet- a puppy! But of course we can't because of our apartment living. So... 
1.leave me a comment telling me about the first pet you owned. If you are married, tell me about the very first pet you and your spouse had together! --I love hearing stories! 
Random entry, huh? : ) 

For a second comment:
2. Share your Pinterest account link in a comment so we can all be friends and like the same things ha ha ha! (seriously!)

Don't forget to leave your email in one of your comments so I can find you if you win! 
example: metsymade(at)gmail(com)
write it just like that in case that helps in avoiding spam mail..? ..I think

The giveaway ends Wednesday, April 11th!
And the winner will be picked using

 Have fun!


Mrs. Ely said...

Hello hello! I am super excited about your giveaway! Here is my story:

My first pet ever was a cat that I named Pickles...yes, the food. We picked her up at a pet store here in town. My husband lived out at the church while we waited to get married and I lived at the house we bought. Joshua had a cat as well that lived with me and she didn't like Pickles at all...she wouldn't eat or anything. Well, that isn't the story so I'll continue...Pickles didn't acclamate to regular food at all! She had, for lack of better words,the "squirts", literally. She wasn't litter box trained and she refused to go in it. And I was tired of cleaning my walls, so what I ended up doing is blocking her under a desk with a closet door to control the clean up area. It seemed to work because she was litter boxed trained by the time we let her out...My husband hated my cat for a long long long time. =D

Here is my pinterest link(I think we already follow each other, but just in case):

and here is my address: troublebug1001(at)gmail(com)

I hope I win!

Mrs. Ely said... is my pinterest in my second comment. =D

Susan said...

My first pet was fish..I got them for my 7th birthday. I thought they were the coolest thing ever : ) Half of them died a few months later and one of the remaining fish ate all the smaller ones. I never really wanted fish again after that lol!
My email address is sck0401(at)gmail(dot)com

Susan said...

This is the link to my pinterest account

Kate said...

My first pet that my husband and I got together was a ferret, we both always wanted one and we are now have 2 of them! they are the funniest little animals, but lots of work!

my email is katiebear1980(at)gmail(com)

Evangelina said...

I didn't know you were doing a giveaway.. HOW FUN!!!
Ok my first pet was a parakeet bird named Blue Boy because he was blue. I totally loved that bird! He would sit on my shoulder all day long and just hang out with me. Everything changed one sad day... my brother decided he wanted a bird and got a green parakeet. Blue Boy hated me after that!!! He bit me and would screech and try to fly away from me. Needless to say we were not friends anymore.
My married pet is a dog named Lassen. He's boxer and lab mix and is a BEAUTIFUL dog!!! Poor guys is an outside dog now with the baby here, but we still love him like crazy :)

Evangelina said...


The Ravert Family said...

My first pet was the friendliest (is that a word?...) dog ever! Shivy was her name :) I was just a baby when my parents were got her! The saying "Man's best friend" was soooo true with her!! We all loved her!


Love those rings btw!! I love wearing big rings!! Don't have pintrest ;(

LadyMcKee said...

My husband and I got two kittens as our first pets together. They were brother and sister named Buca and Beppo. There is an Italian restaurant called Buca di Beppo where my husband and I had our first date!

LadyMcKee said...

My Pinterest link...