Chalkboard Labels

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some time last year I found these two canister jars at a thrift store for $1 each.. and have kind of always wanted the set of 4.. I think my mom and sister found theirs at Bed Bath and Beyond for like $20 or more..

A couple weeks ago I was browsing through Etsy, looking for stuff to buy. I've kind of become addicted to buying things online now that I have a PayPal account with money coming in from my own Etsy shop. It's just way too much fun and I simply adore getting things in the mail.. even if I am buying it myself! 

Anyway, I found this cute shop selling vinyl chalkboard labels and I purchased a set of 4 labels for a total of $6. They were just SO cute! I'd remembered seeing my dollar store carry a few sizes of these specific jars, so I measured the ones I already had, and went over and bought two more in smaller sizes. They are a perfect fit and make a great set! 

Got my labels in the mail and put them on right away!

Aren't they adorable! They add a little prettiness to our kitchen. Love it! 
I don't write well with chalk, and it also smudges really easy... so I'm thinking about getting one of those chalk marker/pens. They look pretty awesome. 

{I'm also addicted to pistachios!}

Just thought I'd share my cute kitchen addiction :)