DIY Polka Dot Shirt

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I like clothes. .. okay, I love clothes. I love looking through "my style" boards on Pinterest and finding inspiration for cute outfits. The other day I bumped into this pin on how to make your own polka dot shirt. COOL! So I went searching for a cheap white shirt! I found one at my favorite thrift store for $2.99- perfect price AND perfect fit!

I put cardboard inside the shirt so paint wouldn't bleed through to the back. And of course a plastic trash bag under the shirt as well.. just in case.

I used Martha Stewart's craft paints, since it says it's good for fabric too.

The lid to one of our pill bottles was the perfect size for dots. I just dabbed it in the paint, and with my sponge brush, I took off the excess glob of paint. After a couple of dots, I ended up just using my sponge brush the whole time for painting the lid then applying it to the shirt. It kept my fingers a little cleaner too.

After I had all my dots on where I wanted them, I took my little paint brush and painted in the spots that were missing paint.
 {Oh, and I only put polka dots on the front of the shirt}

After the dots were dry, I ironed over all the whole shirt, leaving the iron on each dot for like 2 seconds at a time. At first I wasn't sure if I should put the iron completely down touching the shirt, or hold it super close, letting the heat and steam hit the dots. Well, I did it both ways haha.

It seriously looks like I just bought it somewhere like this. 

I went outside for a few photos.

WOW, today is a GORGEOUS day here!
I thought summer had left me for good.. but that sun was so bright and warm I could barely open my eyes

I really really like my new shirt! Hubby thought it was super cool too.

I haven't washed it since I've painted the spots. I know the Martha Stewart paints say they are for fabric as well, but I'm still nervous to wash it! Does anyone know anything about Martha's craft paints when it comes to painting on fabric/clothing?? I would really appreciate any info you know! Thanks!

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Susan said...

Your shirt looks awesome! Can't wait to try this myself!

Jessica said...

Thanks Susan! I LOVE it!!!