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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi Friends!

Since Joel and I have been out here in Saskatchewan I haven't been playing in the field of creativity much. Every time I browse through super neat ideas and crafts on blog land I get a craving to do something, but supplies and money are limited for now. It's hard not being in my own home. So.. I don't have anything of my own to post about but I've found some really F-U-N things recently and thought I would share!

Take a look at this cute end table from Recaptured Charm. 
Before finding this post I thought this style of end table was hideous and never saw the potential within. I see these end tables for sale often in thrift stores and used items websites, but always thought, "Ew, ugly!" Because of this post my opinion has been changed and now I'm actually wanting to find some of my own!
Check out the post here

What a SWEET gift idea is this decorated tin filled with cookies by Little Birdie Secrets. Using scrapbook paper and acrylic paints, this tin is made to look SO much cuter! Check out the tutorial here

.. one more photo of the tin.. filled with DEEE-LISH looking heart cookies. The cookie recipe is also available on the tutorial. M-M-M! I'd sure L.O.V.E this gift! {wink}

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen done with terra cotta pots! This definitely earns a spot on my next summer's "to do" list. For more photos and the "how to's" on this perrrty little eye catcher from Positively Splendid, click here

Need to clothe a naked wall in your home like I do? Here's a creative piece from A Little Lovely
Check out the post here

How stinkin' creative and amazing is this spice rack?? Apparently you can buy these (I saw them when I searched google) but Blue Castle made her own! See it for yourself HERE
This is a really neat thing to display somewhere in the kitchen if there's room, but I thought maybe on the inside of cabinet doors.. You know, the cabinet doors above the stove that everyone keeps their spices in? .. It might be a small space, but since we can make these on our own why not make them to fit where we want?


Oooh! Scrapbook paper around pillar candles! What a lovely little idea. It's probably not too hard to find some of these candles for cheap and most of us have scrapbook paper on hand...
I can't remember for the life of me where I found this from, so if it's YOU or you know whose it is please let me know so I can link it. 

Thrifty Decor Chick has got to have THE PERFECT pantry. She keeps all her shelves organized with these neat chalk labels. I REALLY like these big glass jars for storage! Click HERE for the whole post on this perfectly organized pantry.

If you're anything like me you'll absolutely L.O.V.E these next creative ideas I found at Love Actually.
Like this super cute Penny Jar. You have have HAVE to go check out the post. It's something your husband will even appreciate! {WINK} Go here

Date nights are good for us! A couple months ago my husband and I started doing date nights every Monday. We found lists of simple inexpensive things to do together and took turns each week picking a date. Now I want to keep all the date ideas we find and think up in a "Binder of Date Ideas."

What a "Sweet Thought" is this jar filled with goodies wrapped in pieces of paper with sweet thoughts written by you. My husband is going to be a pastor and one day he'll have his own office. When I saw this idea I immediately thought of putting this together for him to keep on his desk. Pastors always have jars on their desks filled with candies, right???

While we're on the subject of jars, here's a somewhat relaxing idea if you like to write. Over at Little Birdie Secrets I found this journal jar idea. Decorate your jar and fill it with prompts (writing topic ideas such as questions about yourself regarding.. basically anything!) to get you journaling. Check it out here.


Got a wedding shower or baby shower coming up? How about cupcakes instead of a cake?! Take a looooong look at this tiered box cupcake stand made by Imperfectly Beautiful. I say "looooong look" because when I saw it I couldn't stop gazing at it!! .. now I'm daydreaming about making MY OWN! To see how this was made click here

That's all I have to share for this post. There's LOTS more ideas I've found and fallen in love with, but if I posted everything my post would be three days long! 

Until next time.. 

hAPpY cREaTiVitIEs !!

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