Little Visitor

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yesterday morning Joel and I got up to say good-bye to the family we have been staying with. *They are heading to the east side of Canada for the summer to visit supporting churches, while we stay and take care of the responsibilities at the church* Anyway, just before they took off they noticed a tiny little bird clinging to the side of their trailer. They were able to pick him up and we all spent a few minutes holding him. The little guy must have been in the middle of some flying lessons with his mommy and got a little off course... so we decided to call him Drop-Out.

It had been raining hard all morning so Joel and I brought him inside and took care of him. He was so sweet. I was able to feed him some water drops from my fingers. He must have heard birds outside because he started chirping away! .. so precious. 

                              ** he took flight in the house!  **
 After about an hour with him, *and the rain at a pause* we decided to stand outside with him and see if he would get any inspiration from the other birds to fly away. Sure enough, our little Drop-Out decided to return to his flying lessons. And all the other birds flew out after him.

We miss our little friend


Becks said...

awwww that is so cute!!!!!

Unknown said...

So amazing! Reminds me of a squirrel that my mother and father helped when they were in college. They cared for him for several months and then he was ready to join the other squirrels (: