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Friday, June 25, 2010

Last week my friend and I went garage sale hunting. She found all the garage sales in the city listed online, printed out the addresses, then we all loaded up in her van on our search for treasures! ... Did I forget to mention she brought her three little munchkins with us? Yah, they were happy with the whole garage sale idea until they realized that spending their $2 coin goes by VERY quick. Even with unhappy children in the back seats, we pressed on to house after house, coming back to fill the van with fun stuff! I thought I would share my finds with you, and there are some I might even ask suggestions for!

Here's a cute little mirror I found for 25 cents! It's about 2 feet tall. The color is a little ugly to me so I want to paint it. Not sure what color though.. Anyone got any really cool suggestions on what to do with this??? The mirror comes out just like a picture frame, so it will be easy to paint it.

here's a closeup for details.. and my husband's knee!

I LOVE big glass jars! This was $2 and I knew it wanted me. I want to paint the wooden lid either black, red, or a neat blue.. but I'm not sure what I'll do yet. It's going to be filled with CANDY! I love seeing jars filled with candies. y.u.m! Isn't it pretty? I was going to take a picture of it next to something else so you could tell the size of it, but oops. It's almost as big as a gallon jug of milk.

G.A.M.E.S! Have you heard of Rack-o? I saw this at a garage sale and immediately it brought back memories of sitting in my dorm room at college and playing this with my girlfriends. Good times. It was a buck so I bought it. Rate your Mate came from the thrift store for .50 cents. It's filled with lots of questions regarding your spouse. We've already played this one with friends and had some laughs. I'm married to a game-aholic so having lots of games in our home is a great thing! 

Glue gun for .50 cents at a garage sale! I already had one, but it's close to junk since it was like 3 bucks at walmart. Maybe this one will work better! It came with glue sticks too! Okay, so I just HAVE to tell this story!! So I'm expressing my excited to my friend Kayla about this little glue gun, and I'm holding it and talking about it before actually deciding to buy it... The lady in charge of this garage sale shouts over to me from across the garage with other shoppers walking around, "It has to be plugged in for it to work!" .. said in like a "you're dumb" voice!! WHAT?!?! It  has to be plugged in??? Forget it! I don't want it then!! Of course, me being the person I am made fun of her the rest of the day!.. I know, that's not very Christian like, but it was fun.

Do you like'em? $2.50 at garage sale. Can't wait to wear them! And the natural response from my husband after showing him, "More shoes?" {ha ha} He did say he likes them though. Doesn't he know by now I get all these cute things to wear to be cute for him??? But a cute pair of shoes makes ME feel good too!

Picture frame from thrift shop. .75 cents. Yeah for me! I'm in the middle of doing a little project with it.

I fell in love. Isn't she a cutie? I think it was like .50 cents at a garage sale. 
It almost matches another one I found a couple months ago...

... this one
Love it! This was $3 at a Salvation Army store. When I go back home to our sweet little apartment I'll have to find a good place for them. 

NO I did not pay money for this hideous jean purse! We came to a garage sale where the people were getting desperate to get rid of things. The lady practically threw this thing at me and said, "take it!" {ha ha} So I thought, hey why not? I know, it's ugly, but I think I could make it cute. Let me know if you got any ideas! I think fabric rosettes are super adorable! So I might do something with those on it.

Found this adorable shirt at the thrift shop for $2. L.O.V.E it! It makes me so happy and excited when I find super cute clothes at thrift stores! The orange-ish peachy color is something I didn't have before. Oh, and excuse the wrinkles. I wore it to church and then it ended up on my floor.. bad habit. I must break it!

.. Another $2 shirt from there

Just a little candle holder. Those are my rings in it. Check out what I'm going to do with it here.

Ahhh, and here's my favorite. I've been wanting some popsicle molds for awhile now. When I was a kid mom had the Tupperwear popsicle molds and we loved them! These aren't Tupperwear, but they work just fine! There's actually three trays. I washed them up and made some grape koolaid popsicles.

... Aren't they just so cute?! 

These are two of Kayla's kids enjoying a popsicle. 

That's it for my fun finds!

HaPpY wEekEnD!

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