My first official wall decor

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Since we've moved into our apartment in November of last year I haven't really put anything on our walls. I just didn't have anything to put up nor the money for decor. Plus I had no idea what I wanted! That's huge, because it takes me SO long to figure out what I want to "go with" when it comes to decorating. 
So FINALLY there's a wall with some prettiness!

A couple months ago I went to my favorite kind of store.. nothing else but, the thrift store and found two wooden placemats. I've never seen those before until then. I had NO earthly clue what I would use them for, but guess what? I wanted them anyway. And they were only .69 each!! So bought them I did. And they've been sitting in my craft bucket ever since... UNTIL NOW! 
All I did with the two placemats was wrap some twine (a favorite) around the sides and tied a bow. I used my hot glue gun to secure the twine down on the front side and back side. I really like the used and worn look the placemats have to them. It just adds character to the whole thing... in my eyes anyway.

... uuummm, excuse my ugly foot!

Next I have a Scripture verse framed...

I printed a Scripture verse on some pretty scrapbook paper and then used a glue stick to glue it to a piece of cardboard to make it sturdier. I love how the scrapbook paper somewhat matches the design on the left sides of the wooden placemats!

I used Philippians 4:8 because it's one of my favorite verses and also a great encouragement to me each time I read it. God's Word can be quite challenging, and this verse is no exception. I've really been wanting to put up some Scripture verse in our apartment somewhere, and this one is just perfect! Even though this is a very familiar verse and can be quoted probably without thought, I hope that each time I walk by this verse on my wall I will be reminded of the importance of each of these fruits and I will be encouraged to show them through my own life towards those around me. Perfect for in the home, right? 

Isn't the twig frame ADORABLE?! In the woods behind our apartment I found some skinny sticks and lightly sanded them and then put a coat of clear finish on them to make them shine a bit. Some of the twigs were too long so I just cut pieces off (more like broke them off with that tool there). Then I just hot glued them together where they fit the best. I wasn't sure if I wanted to glue them TO the verse or not, because then I could just hang up ONE thing instead of two: the verse AND the twig frame. But no, I went with two separate things.

My loving husband {heart heart} helped me put everything on the wall and make sure things were as straight as could be. I had to put things on the back of ALL THESE THINGS to be able to hang them. I used hot glue and a wire piece on the back of the placemats (that didn't work so great because they wouldn't stay straight on the wall. I ended up adding to those some two-sided sticky thingies that you use in scrapbooking for 3D looks). For the twig frame I glued some clear fishing type of wire to the top stick, and for the verse I glued on some twine. I know, it all sounds cheesy, but it's all I had!
While we were putting things up the twig frame slipped out of my hand and when it hit the floor all the pieces broke apart! NOOOOOOO!!!!! So back to plug in the glue gun!

OOPS! See that little itty bitty dot above the placemat?? I.. uh.. measured wrong when I nailed the nail in!

This is the view from inside the bathroom.

.. and this is the entryway in our apartment

Well, there it is. My first official wall decor. What do you think?

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Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

very cute. I did quotes like that in my apartment as well! I didn't use sticks for frames though! How smart!