Fun with bleach

Thursday, July 8, 2010

You know how we're always freaking out about bleach getting on our clothes?? I found the coolest idea that will make us want to cover our clothes in bleach! Check out here for the idea I saw. So my friend and I wanted to try it out for ourselves. She bought a pack of kid size t-shirts from Walmart and I got a bottle of bleach and we destroyed created a very cute shirt! Here's the making of our first one. 

We used construction paper and flower punches to make our designs. For the "sunshine" we had to print out a word document. Sad story, my friend's mom let her barrow all her Cricut machine stuff and I came over so we could make some crafts and use it to make our shapes for our the shirts, but the cutting mat wasn't with everything! So after we cried for like 15 minutes we decided that we were desperate enough to sit and cut out tiny letters by hand! We placed a cookie sheet inside the shirt to avoid bleaching the design through to the back. The flowers and "sunshine" were put in place using a little bit of glue stick. Then I stood up and softly sprayed the bleach. Bleach sets in and changes the color slowly, so you want to be patient and don't keep spraying thinking nothing's happening! We actually let the papers stay on the shirt too long, because the bleach on the paper started to soak through to the shirt. So note to self: you should probably remove them as soon as you know you're done spraying. 

Here's the finished shirt

Some of the letters didn't show up very well because we used regular paper to print it on--oops! but it's cute! I think it would be cuter if the sleeves were cut off to make a little tank top. 

I also did some of my own shirts. I have a couple of shirts I don't wear much at all and I wanted to experiment on them. Here they are. 
First an undershirt that I found at a garage sale.{sorry, I forgot to take before pictures!!}

I just cut out everything for it by hand! 

And the other one.. 

The first picture will have to do for a "before" photo, because I forgot to take a photo before I put on all the paper dots! The color of that shirt is a burnt orange color and it just doesn't look good on me. With it being this kind of sleeveless shirt and it being a shorter shirt it makes me look like a little fatty!  But the new look makes in a little better {wink}

It's kind of funky!

Now I want something else to bleach! 
My friend might buy the cutting mat for the cricut if she can find one.. so if she does I'm sure we'll be getting together to do this again! In the meantime I think I'll look for some shirts at the thrift store that need some TLC.

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Sweet Nest said...

Ooh, I like the tank top redo! :)