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Friday, July 30, 2010

OOH! Lovin' aaallll of these creative ideas I came across recently!
Maybe you've seen these ideas already, maybe you haven't. Oh well, I'll just show them all anyways because they make me really excited!

Numbered placemats by Oopsey Daisy  
These would be so nice to have! I think I'll see what kind of plain place mats I can find at the dollar store and then totally make my own set!

The most beautiful pantry ever by House of Smith's 
The "ooh's and ahh's" wouldn't stop spilling from mouth as I coveted over her amazing pantry work! She found the greatest things to store her food in. I love love LOVE large clear glass jars for storage!! I must find some of my very own. Congrats to her on the most beautiful pantry I've ever laid my eyes on.

Plunging neckline cover-up by Shannon Makes Stuff
Now who doesn't need a some modest coverage in this place!? I'm always looking for just the right undershirts that will go high enough to cover me up, but it's getting harder and harder to find them these days! HELLO, not all of us care to show off our ... ehem well, you know! (what belongs to US and our HUSBANDS!.. not the whole world!) This is a neat and easy way to make sure you're well hidden and modest. (the white shirt you see in the photo is a piece of shirt material she has cut and attached to her bra).

Photo in a jar by The Lettered Cottage
Isn't this simple and sweet? What a precious idea for a keepsake.. like from a vacation trip, or whatever else!

another cool jar idea..

Christmas lights in a jug from Country Living.com
{couldn't find the page when I searched for it again}
This is random and neat! I absolutely LOVE little lights in the house. I've had a little strand of white Christmas lights strung in our bathroom around the mirror for months! They bring a little bit of coziness and romanticness. {did I just make that word up?}

Fitted tablecloth by Projects by Jess
What a perfect idea! My kitchen table is square just like this size and I would SO love to have one of these since I'm always so paranoid about the tabletop being scratched!

Fabric covered canvas wall art by How About Orange
Ever since I saw this amazing idea it's been on my mental list of things to do! Seriously, this is one I'm definitely going to make for our apartment. It looks SUPER easy to make!! I don't have anything on our walls yet, and we moved in last November! I think something like this will look great on our big wall behind our couch!

Twin headboards into daybed by Country Living.com
How unique is this!? People come up with the most amazing DIY ideas! Hmm, I'm thinking guest room!

Little side table redo by k.f.d
I l.o.v.e furniture makeovers! So can't wait to do some of my own. We have a tv entertainment stand that I would like to redo, and a little bookshelf too. I just love what people do to raggy old boring furniture!
{sorry, the link doesn't take you right to that item because I can't find it again! But it will take you to the blog where I found it, and it will direct you to the blog it came from.. still couldn't find it from there!}

Movie Drawers by Projects by Jess
What a very cool and organized idea to keep your DVD and VHS videos in little file boxes! Oh, this is the 2nd thing I've mentioned about "Projects by Jess." I just found her blog this week and I LOVE EVERYTHING! She's very creative.

Pretty lace jar lights by kootoyoo
These are pretty cute. She has some battery powered type of lights inside the jar for safety. I'd probably just use little tea lights and not cover with lids. Although these are pretty cute with lids included! I really like candles and little lights everywhere!

Well, that's enough for now! I could just keep going. Hope you enjoyed all those great ideas from great minds!

hApPy cReAtiViTiEs!!

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