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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last week I went with a friend to Regina {a city in Saskatchewan) to do some shopping. She was going for grocery shopping but I was more excited about hitting the big thrift store after the groceries! I found some really cute shirts and so.. I bought them! The prices weren't super cheap, but still a ton better than if I had bought them brand new. Anyway, here they are. 

I was sooo happy when I found the white shirt because I don't have a nice white shirt other than a t-shirt. It's really comfy too.

The long sleeved grey shirt is so pretty! I just have to find something right to wear with it. It doesn't have buttons, it's just one of those open hangy shirts. The shoulder seems confuse me a bit, but I think those seems are supposed to be showing in the front. Weird. 
The black sweater (with a hood) was actually $2 brand new at a clothing department store! Wa-hooooo! I love clearance racks!!

So far I've worn everything but the grey long sleeved shirt.

These are the only ones I took pictures of me in. I think the blue striped one is my favorite.

I also found a spice rack that I've been wanting for a long time!
It was $1.99!!!!!! I just HAD to get it. The dollar store sells the empty glass spice bottles. I'd like to paint it and get the spice jars, but I think I'll wait till I'm back home in New Brunswick to finish it. .. I've done too much shopping and collecting of things out here in Saskatchewan that we're going to have to send a box of stuff back home!

And here's a cool picture frame I found. There were 6 of them total, but they were $3.99 each! So I thought, " Uuum.. I think I can make do with just one." There isn't even a backing. Oh well. I can't wait to go home and find an idea to do with this.

.. here's so you can kind of tell the size. .. and also notice that I'm a nerd.

Yeah for thrift stores!

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