Framing my necklaces

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I used to never wear much jewelry before, except for earrings. Without earrings on I feel naked and not completely put together. Necklaces are something I enjoy more so now. I find them here and there, thrift stores, dollar store (hehe I know..) My collection seems to be growing, which I like! So now I need a place to put them all and preferably create a pretty display too! 
I Picked up a huge cheap frame the other day at, none other than, the thrift store. It was just a the wooden frame part and for a buck. Cool. I can find something to do with that. It's kind of a plain boring frame though, but oh well. So I sanded all the stain color away and painted it a nice yellowish color {I'm really into the mustard yellowish color lately}. I used some little cup hooks that I found at Walmart. I had Hubs handle the drill and hooks.. I just like to watch the drill part ;) I adorned a corner of the frame with some fancy schmancy fabric rosettes. 

I rather like it :) 

I was thinking about making this up and just selling it.. that would be kind of fun, picking up cheap frames and turning them into jewelry holders to sell :) But I think I might just keep this one for me. 

 Say "cheese" Hubs :)

I'd kind of like to pretty up a frame for some of my earrings, but I already have something for my organizing my earrings and I actually really like it.. even though they aren't out on display. You can see what I use for my earrings here

Oh, and this little guy will soon be hanging up with the rest of my necklaces :) 
I bought him on ebay the other night! {.99 cents!} Such a cutie. I'm falling for little owls lately.

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