A springy day

Thursday, May 19, 2011

 Hubby and I took a lovely little evening stroll after he got home from work. It turned out to be a nice day today and I had my balcony door open all day to let in the nice breezy air. Ahh, I love the feelings that the spring time brings. I like the pretty weeds it brings too :) There are tons of these little dandelions everywhere! If you look closely you can see all the yellow dots on the grass below me. On our little walk I picked this ginormous dandelion! It's awesome! I've never seen one so big in all my life. I don't think the pictures express the reality of it's size. 

That was my little bit of sunshine for the day :) 

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Cat said...

I love impromtu summer evening strolls...hubs and I try to take them when ever we can...they are the best! Wow..that is a dandy on steriods {I know they are a weed, but I still love the little yellow guys :)}

xx Cat