Monday, May 30, 2011

I've been whining for awhile now about wanting a sewing machine so I could join in on the fun I see all around blog land! There are "sew" many sweet ideas I come across and I'm dying to try them myself! Well, I got this one for $25 off Kijiji from a sweet lady.. whose neighborhood is infested with mosquitoes! By the way, she was just finishing up with dinner (pot roast to be exact) and I really wished we could have eaten over for dinner it smelled that good! haha! All it pretty much needs is a little cleaning and a new lightbulb and I think it's good to go! I'm so excited! Not sure what I'll experiment with first! There are always clothing refashioning ideas I run into and want to try with some of my own boring clothing items.. but I just got rid of a big bag of all the clothes I don't wear or am I tired of! hahaha.. oh well! 

Wahoooo for my new sewing machine! :)

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