Cloud and Raindrop Felt Mobile

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It was a rainy day Friday, plus my day off . . And while browsing through Pinterest I spotted this adorable mobile and just had to create one for myself!

So I began with tracing a cloud shape I found on google images. (I don't like printing out my shapes and images just for cutting out and using as stencils, so I just enlarge the photo on my computer screen to the size I like and place a white piece of paper on my screen and LIGHTLY trace the shape.) Then I cut out the cloud, pinned to the felt and traced and cut out two clouds. 

Then I hand sewed the clouds together, leaving a small opening for filling with stuffing. And sewed it shut. 

It's the cutest, fluffiest cloud :) 

I cut out a tiny pink heart and hot glued it to the cloud-- isn't it darling? 

My felt raindrops are all attached with clear fishing line. The raindrops of the inspiration mobile I found on Pinterest were actually sewn together in a line (with a sewing machine) . . which would be better, because then they would be immovable. I never know how to work with clear slick fishing line. Oh well! 

No, this mobile is not for a baby. . 

. . yes, I made this mobile for ME :) 

It's hanging in our living room to make me smile.

I love the shadow it casts on the wall in the evening.

These would be super cute in a baby nursery and would make cute gifts too! hmm... I am going to be an auntie in February .. maybe I should add this to the Christmas list :)

I do like a romantic, cozy, rainy day. . .

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