I Finally Caved In!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Well, I did it folks. I finally created myself a Pinterest account. I really hadn't wanted to because I thought it would just be another thing to keep me sitting around on the computer for more hours in a day!! But I think it's such a great way to store all your ideas and be able to go right back to the source you found it. So much more convenient then saving photos in a file on the computer.. yes, that's what I was doing before.. I know. Lame. Cause I bet for more than half of the files I've saved over the past couple of years I wouldn't be able to find the source again.. even though I tried renaming the photos with the name of the blog I found it from! Anyway, enough of that, so I created a Pinterest account. Not just for the convenience of course, it's also such an inspiring place to be! Love it! But I have to admit, I sit around getting inspired from the internet way too much and not actually putting all that inspiration to work. Am I the only one?? 

Come find me on Pinterest and see my taste! 

I also added the "follow me" button to my right side bar --->

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