Flowers Galore!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Everywhere I go on blogland I see these SUPER ADORABLE homemade little fabric flowers! I mean, they are just down right CAA-UUTE! This week I actually decided to try and make my own. What made me start on my attempt was this lovely little idea I saw from Me and My Bucket. (her picture below)

Don't you looooove it?? Mine didn't turn out quite like hers, but I'm very happy with it and can't wait to wear it and show it off. Okay, I'm about to cry because I just remembered that I didn't take a picture of MY headband. Why? Um, well.. I wanted to wear it for the picture and my hair was a big mess. But when I do take a picture I'll edit it into my post.
Making the flowers for the band is the fun part of this little creation. Make sure you check out her blog for instructions on making them. OOH, there's also a video I watched yesterday about making fabric flowers. Click here for the video tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets.

Moving on! This post isn't ALL about the headband I made. So let me just show off some of the A-DORABLE flowers I made this week. 
I just sat down on the floor with a couple old shirts and my hot glue gun and started cuttin' and gluin' away... I like watching something on my computer while I work on small things and I'm watching all the seasons of Boy Meets World right now-- remember that? My husband has them all on dvd! **hummmmm.. I wonder if that has anything to do with the glue gun burns I have!?**
But aren't these cuties? Just cut shorter and thinner pieces of material to make smaller flowers. I'm so not the measure type of person. I'm so lazy... I'll learn to be more like that for more important projects. For these though, it's rewarding to make them not-so-perfect! 

And then this... 

... I can't wait to wear this one either! AAAH, I know! I see the glue spots too! I'm not too worried about it though. It'll still look pretty and cute. And there's the kind of clip I used to glue the flowers on. These kinds of hair clips don't work so great in my hair though. My hair is curly and has a great potential of being BIG (my friends call me Big Hair.. I've grown to love this little expression of affection). So when I use these clips I can't get it too full or there's no clasping of this clippy!

I think this next one is my favorite. Same little fabric flower, but NOT for hair ... 

Isn't this a beautiful kitchen table and chair set?? We got it around Christmas time from Walmart actually. I fell in love with it when I saw it and knew right away this was what I'd been looking and hoping for. Sad thing, the table top gets little knicks and scratches so easy and I have a heart attack every time I see a new one! .. I get all teary and lose my appetite. .. Okay not really. But I think I've made it clear that my little heart is NOT happy about scratches on my table. Well, my husband and I are going to Saskatchewan for the summer to work at a church while the pastor and family are away, and my sister in-law has asked if she can stay at our apartment here and there to get away from home when she feels like it. Sure! I'm such a picky little paranoid, so I ran to the dollar store and picked up a cheap tablecloth to somewhat protect the table top while we're gone. I'm sure nobody is going to be picky about our table like we are about it! The tablecloth was a little on the big side so I just cut it down to look a little nicer. It frayed like crazy when I cut it, but hey, it was only 2 bucks! I made some of those A-DORABLE little flowers, (which are my current best friends) and hot glued one to each corner of the tablecloth. I really L-O-V-E it!! 

... I hot glued some little pearl-looking beads on them.

You can kind of see the two corners in this photo. 
Doing this to the corners helps keep the tablecloth from moving around and sliding off.
Like the basket on the table?? I got it from Canadian Tire for 3 bucks!! Actually FREE for me since I paid with a gift card! Whoo-hoo! I really love baskets. Oh and those Chrysanthemums are fakes that I used for our wedding. Fake flowers are fun! (so says this WHOLE post!) Anyway, so can you tell I'm loving my fabric flowered tablecloth? Cause I am! 

These next flowers aren't fabric ones, but they're just as cute and fun!

My paper rose.
Don't laugh at it's funkiness... I tried! And it's not SO bad. 
Little Birdie Secrets has another video tutorial that you should check out RIGHT NOW! After watching the video I just HAD to try one for myself. I know, it's not nearly as cute as Little Birdie Secret's.. I think I made my paper too long. Not sure. And I don't have super cute paper like hers either. (sad face). I cut out some leaves for my flower and used an ink pad to the edges... oh and a red ink pad for the flower.. is it visible?

I hot glued a small strip of magnet to the back and now it's a cute little 3D magnet. It makes me smile big. 
I'll try some more of these cuties soon for more perfection of the skill! 

Here's my last little flower to show off... 

I can't remember where I found the idea for this one, so I'll tell ya how I made it. The flower is made from magazine pages and some pink cardstock. I cut out super imperfect circles (the more crooked and crazy the circle is, the better) at a bunch of different sizes. The tutorial I saw this from put the petals together with a brad pin, but I don't have any so I just glue (don't remember if it was hot glue, mod podge, or glue stick!). I inked up the petal edges with ink pads and glued on a little button. Me likes! 

I glued my paper rose onto a plastic clothespin I painted black, then hot glued a strip of magnet to the bottom of the clothespin. 

This is now being used as my recipe holder!

CUTE?? For sure!!

Hope you enjoyed all my little flowers as much as I did making them. 
Happy weekend to everyone!

I have some more posts of recent projects that I'll post later when we're finally in Saskatchewan. 
Until next time.. keep up the craftin'!

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