Tangerine Medicine Box

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lately I seem to be searching like crazy around our apartment for things I can do little makeovers on. I have found a new love at being able to change yucky junk into something a little better to look at. You know, just married, starting out in our first apartment.. it's having to make do with the things we might consider only "temporary." On that note, .. You know those little thin shabby boxes that Tangerines or little fruits come in?

Well, we have one and I keep all our medicine type of things in it up in our cupboard. I like keeping random little boxes and baskets so I can cram stuff in them or keep things tidy.

I gave this junky little box a few coats of black paint, minus the sides though (with the fruit writing on it). For the sides I measured, cut out, and mod podged scrapbook paper to them, then coated a couple layers of mod podge on top too.

 For painting "Medicine" on the front, I printed out a nice "M" in the font I wanted using Microsoft Word. 

Let me tell you, it's REALLY hard trying to make your own stencil without an exacto knife! .. I really need one. But yes, I used scissors (sigh...). After taping on my homemade little stencil I painted it in. Then just freehanded the rest of the word to make it look different... mainly because it was too hard making the "M" stencil! I don't appreciate my freehand painting as much, but hey, I still think it looks cute!

After all the painting was finished I put a couple coats of a sealer on it.

And here it is with all the meds

*Laughing* Three of those bottles in there were added just this past week when an infected tooth of mine started giving me the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life! One of the bottles was prescribed by the doctor in emergency and it made me SO sick to my stomach for a whole day! Definitely won't be taking any of those again unless the pain comes back and I feel like I want to die! So this tooth infection story was a side note, but hey, it's another major thing going on in my life right now. We're leaving for Saskatchewan in 2 weeks for the whole summer and we were hoping for an opening at the dental specialist for my MUCH needed and URGENT root canal. So far there are no openings. Doesn't mean I stop praying for one though! The antibiotics I was given have helped alot with the swelling and the pain has gone away. I'm still really nervous about leaving for the summer if I don't get my root canal. God knows what I need though.


So that's my junky little tangerine box turned C.U.T.E to look at.
Oh yah, and I didn't paint most of the inside! What for?? 


Sweet Little Smoothie said...

Oooh - what a super cute idea!!

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