Framing my favorite wedding card

Friday, May 7, 2010

For our wedding last October my sweet Grampa gave us the most adorable card. I haven't thrown any of our wedding cards away, but this card he gave us has been cherished and hanging on our fridge for months and months. This past week I decided to have a little fun and do something pretty with my favorite card. I went to Walmart and printed one of our wedding photos. This was the first time any of our wedding photos have been printed! We didn't have ANY wedding photos in our apartment until I did this cute little project. I picked out some scrapbook paper from my little collection, grabbed the picture frame sitting in our place needing a photo, some ribbon that I used for our wedding invitations, and got to work to make this: 
 Here are some close ups so the words are readable

 Both card and wedding photo are lightly glued to the piece of scrapbook paper.

The ribbon is secured with tape instead of glue because glue would leave big nasty marks on the ribbon.

 I cut out the rest of the card's quote from inside the card and used a little mod podge to stick them to the ribbon.

This is such a perfect way to keep a treasured wedding card safe and available for display. It looks so cute on top of our tv entertainment stand next to our fish tank... our fishies like to admire their mommy and daddy! Seriously, when I first placed this new creation up next to the tank all three goldfish came swimming over to the side to investigate this beauty!

Thank you to my Grampa for the most adorable wedding card!

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