Mother's Day Poppy Canvas

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My mom absolutely L.O.V.E.S poppies! She's always in her yard planting them everywhere, and other flowers as well but she really favors these little flowers. When I saw THIS I thought it would be super cute to make for my mom. Although that piece of art is extremely A-DORABLE I don't know a thing about crocheting and so I just kept it simple and glued my yarn down to the canvas in circles. 

What you need for this super cute, easy and fun project: 
 1. small painting canvas (I got mine at the dollar store)
2. paper grocery bag torn up in pieces 
3. Paint for the canvas (I used spray paint)
4. yarn 
5. hot glue gun
6. oil pastels (also found at the dollar store)
7. Mod Podge

I ripped up pieces of the paper bag and mod podged them to the canvas for a nice textured look then spray painted it brown. Gluing the yarn in circles was the most time consuming part of the project and I only used the hot glue gun for the very start/middle of each of the poppies, then used mod podge the rest of the way until each flower was finished. Next the oil pastels made for great stems and leaves, and then I coated the canvas (minus the poppies!) with a couple layers of Mod Podge to protect and seal it. Done. Then off in the mail, heading to California it went! 
Mom loved it!

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