Cheese Dome Makeover

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally I've found my very own cheese dome, and for only $3 at my local thrift shop! I've been wanting one of these little cuties since seeing so many cute makeovers of them on blog land.

Ugh, some people might like the look of this, but I really don't. I'm not all about the wine and such. ... And that little leafy knob?? Oh boy.. that's so being replaced! The lid is made of plastic.. wish it was glass, but I still like it!

The bottom round base is like a heavy ceramic or stone material and the artwork is like etched or engraved into it then painted.

There's a glass bottom that fits down on top of the engraved/etched artwork
(there was also a clear plastic protective piece sitting on top of the glass, but I just threw that away)

I also picked up this .50 cent glass candle holder at the thrift to use as a stand for my dome

SO I decided to spray paint the bottom of the cheese dome black. I used Krylon spray paint that bonds to plastic, glass, metal, ceramic.. etc. It's kind of neat how the artwork looks after painted

At first I thought I would mod podge some scrapbook paper or fabric to the bottom, but after painting it I just decided to not do anything permanent to the bottom. So I just cut a piece of fabric to fit the bottom and put the glass back on top. That way I can change the bottom out whenever I want, or leave it just like the above picture. 

I also went to the hardware store to find a new knob!
.. painted the knob black

Then out came the Gorilla glue.
I glued the candle holder to the cheese dome base and stacked some heavy things on top to make sure the glue would secure well.

After letting the glue sit over night like this, the cheese dome makeover is finally done! 

I like it how it turned out! 
These are the colors I want for our bedroom eventually.. so, hmm.. it might sometime find its way in our room! Not sure still what to do with it yet!.. or what to put in it! haha! For now it will hold my one apple :) 

One more before photo.. 

the NEW look is much better!

 Man, have I really been in the "makeover" mood lately. I'm wanting to redo all sorts of furniture pieces we have in our place, but not able to start just yet.. so this little cheese dome project was an alright fix for my crazy mood.


Allison said...

Super cute! I still need to make over my cheese dome. I just can't decide what color I want to paint it.

Denise said...

Great Job! I hopped over from Feature Friday at Crystals Craft Spot:) I love how a "small" project is SO satisfying! Unfortunately, it is also addicting(at least in my case:)
Have a Happy Weekend!