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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A few weeks ago I finally started my online crochet learning from youtube videos! The first night that I started I was able to get down the chain stitch pretty good! But I was also pretty frustrated with figuring out how to hold the yarn right in my other hand. So for a couple days I just mastered the chain stitch. I took my stuff with me while I babysat and did loooong lines of the chain stitch, took them out, and did them again, over and over! haha! Then a couple days later I attempted the next step.. I think it's called the single stitch? Not even sure, I just know it was the next row and that was SO SO frustrating! ... so I kind of gave up for a couple weeks. ... I was avoiding it!
But then last night I pulled everything out again and began practicing everything some more and watched the rest of the youtube video I was following (and a bunch of other videos!) I almost said, "that's it!" and quit everything... but I kept at it and.. it was almost like magic that my fingers started figuring all the right things out! I watched another youtube video for crochet beginners and learned a better way to hold the yarn for the tension. It worked! Things went smoother :)

And I was able to make all of this last night

(from the video it's supposed to be a little dish rag,
but I think I made it a little bigger and I'll use it as a pot holder maybe.. I don't know haha)

It's hard to keep track of the rows I make.. I can't tell what a row is when I look at this. Can anyone share with me a way to easily tell and count?

Well, there's my news! 
I'm now more excited to try some more! 

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CrochetBlogger said...

Great start. Keep at it!