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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Should I learn to crochet? 
I've been wanting to learn to knit or crochet for awhile now, .. make my own cute scarves or whatever.. So I finally decided on crocheting. 

I found some yarn and a needle at the thrift store today. 

A buck for two things of yarn! 
and a buck for the needle.

I like how the two yarn colors will go nice together..

I think for 3 bucks I can learn to crochet!... I think. 

{gulp} .. is it hard? 
 will I scream?
will yarn and needle go flying out my balcony window? 

Hopefully it's not too difficult to learn from some online videos.. 
think that'll work out fine? 
{if you know of any great online videos that easy to follow for a first time crochet-er, please let me know!)

Well, here goes!

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Roundabout said...

Just stumbled on your blog & looking forward to reading more!
Crochet is sooooo much easier then knitting. I do both. But once I learned how to crochet I kind of stopped knitting. Crochet is so much faster & my projects are done in a flash ( much more rewarding!). I went on youtube to learn my basics. It really help me get the hang of it :)