Paint chip earrings for Valentine's!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Every time I pass the paint section in Walmart or the hardware stores I'm always picking up some of the sample paint chips! I just know some day I'll find something cool to do with them. And finally something cool has come up. After I randomly bought some Mod Podge Dimensional magic glue the other day, I decided to make some earrings! So with my new little heart punch I punched out some hearts from a paint chip (a total of 4 hearts punched out).

Here are all the supplies I used for this little project. 

I glued two hearts together so both sides would show the pink color, then I mod podged both sides of the hearts for some extra stuck-ness and firmness. After that was dried I took a little thumb tack and made a hole in each heart where the earring wires would go. Then out came the Dimensional Magic! I've never used this before so I pretty excited. I covered the top of the hearts real good with it and let it dry for a few hours (I left the tacks in the hearts while doing this part so the holes wouldn't be covered and closed up). Once dry I removed the tacks, flipped over the hearts and used the dimensional glue on the other sides. Let that dry for a few more hours (I didn't do anything else with them until the next day actually). 

They're so cute and bubbly! 
They feel like little hard pieces of plastic now!! 
Here they are all made up as earrings! 
Aren't they cute? I {heart} them!

Very easy little project and I know I'll be doing more of these sometime! -- in lots of different colors! Hmm.. I need more punches.. Variety!! :)

until next time...

happy valentine creativities!


Roundabout said...

Such a cute idea! I'm using paint sample cards as Valentine book marks. It a project for my daughters class party. I'm posting about that next week :)
I'm going to make those cute earrings for myself! Great idea!

Jessica Rae said...

I LOVE them! Definitely an awesome diy idea :)

Mod Podge Amy said...

These are so cute! I love them.

Staci said...

Awesome!! Such great little valentines for my Wed. night class! Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

Those came out terrific! I love using paint chips for jewelry and stuff!

Cari said...


Anonymous said...

I'm featuring these tomorrow in my Sunday Stalker edition...please stop by, check it out, and grab a button. And don't forget to follow and join my latest giveaways :)