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Friday, January 7, 2011

Have I mentioned my love for thrift shopping? Mostly likely I have! I really enjoy it and I find so many cute things for cheaper! Doubt I'll ever let anyone persuade me that thrifting is just not cool. 
 I thought I'd share a few of my fun recent finds.

Cheese dome for $3.00
I've see so many adorable makeovers on these things so I thought I'd snatch it up and see what I could do to it. (I actually just did the makeover on it last night, so I'll post that later on)

Pretty little dish for $1.00
Not sure if this dish style has a particular name, but I have seen them floating around blog land as something treasure-like. But I thought it was too cute to pass up for a buck.

Casserole dish $2.50
YES! This is something I've been needing! We didn't have any little dish with a lid like this that can go in the oven. It made me so happy to find this for so cheap. It's cute too :)

Salt and Pepper shakers $0.50!! 
Aren't they cuuuute?! We already have on set of shakers, but I just love the look of these ones toooo! Is it so bad to have two sets??

Vase $0.99
Love the yellow color of this vase!

Little dishes $0.50 each
I'm a sucker for cute little dishes! Perfect for candies at a side table, nuts, or condiments at the dinner table.. whatever! Ooh, or maybe even a soap dish!

Hanging baskets $1.99
A few weeks ago I mentioned how I'd kind of like one of these in my kitchen, then I ran into one just a few days ago! Right now it's hanging on a nail on the side of my pantry, but I want it to hang from the ceiling to the right of my sink and cabinets. I want to keep pot holders and oven gloves in it to make more space in my little drawer. Fruit would be cute too.. or onions, garlic..

Huge book $1.00
Thought Hubby would enjoy reading through this one. I first noticed and grabbed the book for its size and look, because I'd like to start using interesting looking books for decor. I think it will be fitting for both reading and decor!

I heart thrift shopping!

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Renee said...

Love the milky white dish, too cute!