My first crochet scarf!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My first real crochet project is finished!
I'm so excited to show and tell about it.

 Here it is when it was just a wee little thing ..
(it's just the single crochet stitch all through it)

..and I was so impressed with myself because it was SO LONG!
.. and getting longer.. 

My new favorite scarf!

 It's a little wider than I wanted it to be, but I actually don't mind it! 
And it's pretty comfy too! AND it will go with lots :) That makes me happy.
It curls a bunch, .. not sure how to fix that, but it kind of adds some character so I'm okay with it.

Like my scarf modeling skills?? 
Oh yeah!

How exciting is it that I can say "I made that!" 
about something I can wear?! .. pretty exciting, let me tell ya ;)

.. now what else can I crochet?!? ...


Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty said...

Congrats on your first project! My blog-mate Sharon and I are new crocheters, too, and we've had such a blast learning together.

Here's a post I wrote about scarves I've made:

I personally love the scalloped edge scarf because it's so easy with AWESOME results. To make one, all you do is make a chain as long as you want the scarf to be and then double crochet up and down the length until you're happy with the thickness--then you scallop the edges with a simple stitch pattern (which is on the post).

Whoa, that's a LONG comment... but I get SO excited about crochet!

Trisha said...

Congrats! Now look out.... your going to be addicted to crochet!! Once I started I couldn't stop ( you should see all the blankets & scarfs in this house!!). It goes fast doesn't it?

Sailing with bare feet said...

Its so cute !! I love your shirt.. where did you get it ?

becky said...

Congratulations! It turned out really good! It's just the beginning... you will be hooked now! Can't wait to see your next project! Oh by the should be a model in your next life! You are so cute!