Baby clothes and no baby

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look what I found during Walmart's anniversary sale going on!

 (3-6 months)

I know, baby clothes, right? And I'm not even pregnant nor plan to be anytime soon, but this was a deal I thought unwise to pass up! .. Oh, the deal? Well each outfit was $1! The original price tags are from $5-10 dollars. Wa-hooo! Not planning babies just yet, but why not prepare way ahead of time when I find deals like that! ... boy adding my great find to my facebook status sure got me lots of questions like, "why stocking up on baby clothes? Hmmmm???" That's always fun. Oh yah, I was also accused of stealing all the outfits from the mommies who really need them. haha! So sorry if you're one who's in dire need of baby clothes and you went to Walmart to find the ones on sale GONE..  ah, I pretty much hit the last of the cute outfits anyway. If only I had come a few days before! 

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GritsGreensNGrassStains said...

Wow Great Deals!!! Havent seen any like that at my Walmart yet!! Bummer!! Its crazy how fast kids grow out of clothes!