I'd love to do a party!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A few nights ago I was up late while my husband and a friend of ours played several chess games one after another. One game of chess seriously takes them over an hour! Us wives laugh and make fun of them for it. So while they were quietly concentrating on each life altering move {not a peep for reals!.. I don't know how it's possible!} I randomly came across the coolest blog! 

For the last couple of days this has been my new favorite blog! I've been looking through all of her posts and there are a TON of great ideas. Go have a look if you've never heard of this blog. She mostly blogs about party ideas and decor, which totally inspired me. Now I want to have my own party.. but I need a reason for one! .. right? We're going to be back in our apartment next Thursday after being gone all summer in another province!.. Could that count as a reason? Could we throw our own "welcome home" party?! {haha!} 
Anyway, I loved all the ideas and inspiration I found on this super cool and new favorite blog. I saved a bunch of ideas and will store them away for future reference.. {hoping to have an excuse to try them out soon!} 

Just to share a few inspiring ideas ... 

 Totally can't wait for an opportunity to try this out!

 Just love the way everything is set up so nicely and adorably!
{this is just one photo so go check out the other set ups}

.. I could SO do that! 
{we don't have kids, but hey, adults adore candy too, right?!}

Doesn't this look like fun? 
Notice the chandelier hanging from the tree? That's my favorite part!
I'm telling you, I am so super inspired.


Now this is just "plum"sweet! 
Never have I thought about using fruit like that

Very fun! I'll try these out tooooooo! 

There are SO many great ideas for cupcake stands out there!
How thrifty is this!?

Those are just SOME of the fun inspiring things I found over there. Now get yourself over to this blog and be inspired to do your own sweet party!  
{shower, reception, just for fun.. whatever!}

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Victoria said...

Thanks so much for the very sweet words, I do love a good party!!!
If you are still looking for a reason to celebrate we threw a game night party this last weekend complete with a make your own churro bar- it will be a few weeks before photos show up but the churros were a hit & you can totally steal the idea:)