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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here's a fast, easy and oh-so a-dorable project.

Scrabble has had a special place in my heart.. My husband and I started dating in grad school, but because he was a year ahead of me I was left with one more year in school.. without him. The long distance was definitely not my favorite part about this relationship! But we found ways to still have some fun together. Playing facebook scrabble became our thing to do- me in Wisconsin, and him in New Brunswick, Canada. ... I never did beat him in any of those games!

After spray painting it, I used an 8x10 frame that had been waiting to be used. Hot glued some fabric to the backing cardboard of the frame.
I had a bag of scrabble pieces that someone gave me from their old game- score! Those are just super glued on the top of the glass. 

Easy as that! 

 Right now it's hanging in our entry way (because there's a nail there!).. but eventually when I find the right place it will go in our bedroom. I plan todo our bedroom in black, white, and a turquoise color. This will be perfect! 
My best friend over at Different by Design created one of these too! Seeing her's is what motivated me to do my own. I've seen it done before and we both wanted to find and save up scrabble pieces for crafts like this! We finally made a scrabble craft, Heather!!

 Here's a picture of one of our online scrabble games

it's a heart!!

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