What to do with it?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A while back I got this little tiny table for free from an online classified add.

For awhile I tried thinking of how I could make it cute for our living room as a side table. I pulled all the white top sticky paper off and just used it like that as a side table. 
Hubby's parents took care of our fish over the summer while we were in Saskatchewan so we brought the fish tank over with this little table. Now that we're back home I like this table as a fish tank stand, but it looked a little tacky. So I gave it a simple temporary makeover!
We had some left over brown material from our wedding stuff so I used it as a tablecloth and tied a big ribbon around the whole thing.

Nothing fancy shmancy, but I like how it looks. Definitely love how it hides the pump and other fishy supplies.. and of course the table legs!

This is me just making do with what I have...

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