Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yep, that's right, we're home! 

Thursday morning {September 16th} we left Saskatchewan after some tearful goodbyes to good friends made over the summer. We had a fantastic summer, but we are so happy to be back in our own place again. We didn't think we'd get to unpacking all of our luggage right away {I really thought our bags would sit there for a week unpacked!}, but we must have been so excited to be back that we unpacked everything Thursday night! It felt so good. And boy was our bed more comfy then we remembered! 
Friday was my birthday.. Joel made pancakes for lunch {since we slept a tad past breakfast time}

he thought his pancakes were ugly. But I thought they were just adorable.

Then he left me home for a few hours while he went out {shopping for me of course, since he had no other time to do anything before my birthday}
Later on in the evening he took me out to dinner. We ate at a little Chinese restaurant.

He ordered sesame chicken and I ordered orange chicken-- my favorite! 

When we came home Hubs made me stand outside our apartment door and wait while he did something inside! .. and this is what I found when he finally let me come inside

Ice cream cake!!! Reece's ice cream cake!!! Oh Y.U.M! I told him long before my birthday "I want an ice cream cake for my birthday!!" He remembered.
Isn't that all so sweet?
A quiet little birthday with just the two of us together {heart heart} .. Oh, did I forget to mention he gave me 26 spankings?! .. my poor bum..

It's so good to be home again... 

We don't have internet at our apartment, so blogging may be scarce for me.. which makes me sad. But I'll find times to post. I'll miss seeing everyone's fun post every day! 

Until next time... 
I shall find some ways to be creative in my own place again! Hopefully next time I'll have some fun things to share! 

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