Munchies vs. Coasters Makeover. .

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The evenings are quite uneventful for me. Hubs works all evenings and I'm .. well, left home alone.. this could be bad. Especially if I have the munchies! Boredom + got-the-munchies = b.a.d! So I try to find things to do to keep myself busy. Tonight I did a little makeover on our coasters that were given to us when we got married. Their appearance never did find my favor, but we've used them faithfully on our coffee table whenever we have a snack together while watching a show (currently we just started watching Who's the Boss- love it). 

Anyway, so here are the coasters, drab style

I picked up some pretty scrapbook paper
(the one on the left was the winner for me)

Traced the coasters onto the paper, cut, and 
Mod Podged the paper right to each coaster then a couple more layers of Mod Podge on top.

And wa-la!

Lovely new coasters that make me happy!

Mmmm.. hot chocolate? and mini marshmallows? 
..Uuummm, maaaybe I should find another craft to keep myself busy..!


I just tasted a spoonful of my YUMMY Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream, and I could definitely go back for more! ... uh-oh . .


Roundabout said...

They turned out so cute! Great idea. I love Mod Podge. I use it all the time :)

Jessica Rae said...

Wonderful! I'm actually working on some of these myself! Word of advice though, spray with a water-proof sealant. It helps :)