A Collage Wall part 1

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yes, I'm attempting my first real wall project since being in our apartment. These kinds of decisions always drive me crazy! Anyway, last week we got rid of this huge tv stand hutch thing that we've had since we first got married. I was SO excited to finally be getting rid of it! I had it listed on Kijiji for a couple months but no one wanted to buy it, and I kept reducing the price too! .. down to $15!! Still no takes! "THAT'S IT! I'm listing is as F-R-E-E!" ... what do you know, ten minutes after I post the add I get 6 emails of people wanting it. Oh brother.. who cares though, it's G-O-N-E! Okay, yes I'm getting to the point of my post. So with that huge jalopy gone we have more space and I've been able to rearrange my living room the way I want, which is so much fun.

Here's my wall I'm attempting the project on

Excuse the untidiness. I didn't feel like making it perfectly presentable for the picture. 
So this is my sad naked wall that needs some love. I have a collection of frames that I've been grouping on the floor in different arrangements, looking for one that jumps out to me. 

Here's the last grouping I tried, and I think I might actually like this one.

My frames are not as much of a variety as I was hoping for.. But awhile back I got this bag of like 12 frames (8x10's and 5x7's) for $5! And some others I found at thrift stores. They'll all be painted once I figure out what colors I want and such.. which is such a hard decision for me. Our living room is not exactly matching in any way. It's a bit of this and that. I think painting them all black might be a bit too .. dramatic or something. I want a lighter look, and I REALLY want some pretty colors. I plan to fill the frames with photos of the Hubby and me, pieces of attractive fabrics, and some other things that I'll have to think up. 

I'd really like some suggestions with this project, because I'm not that great with putting things on the walls. Putting things on the walls is the scariest and most intimidating thing for me!

I used a word document to open up my living room picture in, and I added shapes on the wall for the frame grouping. 

And here's another one.. 

This is pretty much the same layout, but I just added another 4x6 shape near the bottom in the space. The space made it look a bit off balance. I think. I'll have to go find another 4x6 frame if I go with this one. I guess this would be an oval layout? Right?

So what do YOU think?? How would this look on my wall? Would it be weird if I painted some of my frames white, since my walls are white? (not all the frames, just a few). Share some tips with me! I'd love to hear what anyone has to say for this project, cause.. I'm scared!!!

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