Knotted headband

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have I really only been posting stuff about crochet lately?? ..
Well, to add to that, here's a...

Crochet headband!!!

My first crochet headband, by the way. 
I randomly came across THIS tutorial and wanted to take a stab at it. 
I started it last week, and only finished it half way.. I got lazy okay. But I finished it today and I've been happily wearing it all day. 
It's soft and stretchy. 
That makes me happy.. and my head too.

The big knot is really cool looking! The tutorial explains how to do this really well.. now if the yarn will just cooperate. My yarn ball was really krimpy because of the way it was wrapped around, so it was all warped and didn't want to work with me...

hi. I'm a nerd.

The bottom part of the headband is a little different than the tutorial's. 
It was annoyingly hard to get the ends to be even and not bunch up, and then I got hot glue all over the place... ugh. So I just scrunched up the ends and wrapped the ribbon around them with hot glue. It's much messier looking than her's, but it doesn't even look like it matters.

Go check out that tutorial and make a pretty headband for yourself and make your head happy!

Goodnight Blog Land! I'm off to spend some time 
with my Hubby- movie night!

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