Flowers in her hair..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hi! I'm back with more crochet stuff to show off. Atleast my last post wasn't about crochet!.. Gotta take a breather here and there. Last night I was making some more of those cute little flowers that I learned from Little Birdie Secrets and used my smaller hook and got smaller and cuter flowers. Awwww.. they are so cute and little. Tonight I made a couple of them into hair clips. I hot glued little pearl beads on the tops, and hot glued clips to the backs.

I loveth them. 

I know they're not a "WOW" but they're just enough for me!
And I think I'll wear them to church tomorrow... er, .. today, 
since it's already,.. oh never mind, you don't need to know! {wink}


Sailing with bare feet said...

So cute !! I want to make these !

Sailing with bare feet said...

These are the ones i was talking about jessie !