Scarves for my mom and sister

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My mom should be getting a small box in the mail any day now. 
Last month I made my mom and my sister scarves, just like this one I made for my self. I was really loving these scarves and just knew they would love them too! Now I doubt either one of them will be checking out my blog any time soon before their package comes, so I think it's safe to blog about this and show some photos. Actually, it's not even a surprise- they're expecting these in the mail! And they even know the colors, but I didn't want them to see before they arrived! 

So here they are all finished. I think it took me a total of 3 days to gets these made! Seriously, they are so quick to make, and I even make changes, adding to the original pattern to make them wider and a bit longer. They are so much prettier than the pictures are showing!

All packed and ready to head out to California!! 
... wish I could have gone with them! 

I was pretty excited that it only costs me $8 something to mail these! 
Maybe that's expensive to you, but I live in Canada :) 

I hope they LOVE them!


Unknown said...

These are lovely.
You live in Canada.. so do I! Where abouts in Canada do you live?

Sailing with bare feet said...