Owl beanie

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well, I've decided to rename my blog to Homemakin' & Crochetin'!
{just kidding}
I'm so tickled pink to show my newest project!! 

A little itty bitty owl beanie!

Did I really make this????

It's so tiny!

I already told Hubby that I'm keeping this hat for our own baby .. someday.
I followed this pattern for making up the beanie. There's a pattern for 3 months old, and also one for newborn. I made the newborn one. After searching forever, I finally found brief instructions for the beak.. it's really hard to find instructions for tiny triangles. And I'm not exactly able to figure out stuff like this on my own! That just doesn't work yet. For the eyes I knew how to make circles already, and I found instructions for making the oval ears.

Oh, and the Cosby Show kept me entertained while I worked on this little guy :) What a funny show! They just don't make shows like that on tv anymore! Love it.

This really wasn't too hard of a project. And I used barely any yarn. The one thing I found difficult and frustrating was that the hat is done is double crochet stitches. For some reason when I come to end each round of the circle with a slip stitch I find that it just doesn't look all that right. Just before turning my work it calls for 3 chain stitches, which the right number of stitches for the height of the double crochet.. right? But when I go to end with a slip stitch it looks as if the 3 chains is too much because it puckes .. I don't get it. Anyway, I just to need to figure out what I'm doing or something. I like the double crochet stitch, but for circles it doesn't look right when I do it. There are either gaps or something..

Until next time..

happy creativities!


At Home With Michelle said...

Jessica another cute idea, my mother in law dropped off a basket to me today that was crochet and made into a bunny, she must have bought from one of her women groups or from someone at the school she works at, I wasn't home to ask her but I took pictures of it, I know you would be able to do it, I think you should see it with your talent you could do it and it is so cute...:)just don't know how to link up the pics so u can see????

The Ravert Family said...

Hello, I just wanted to say that I love the little owl hat...I was disappointed when you said that you are going to keep it. I got all excited when I saw it becuase I have a boy on the way. Actually I am due in 3 weeks, so I was hoping you were selling it. Crocheting is something that I never learned...I see I need to now :)

Kitty said...

I am SUPER impressed! Thanks for linking up!! I'm dying to practice my crocheting to be able to make a beanie!! This looks fabulous!