Picture frame to Hair clip holder

Monday, March 7, 2011

For my cute little hair clippies, I thought I would make something to keep them together and displayed pretty.

Used acrylic paint first, then spray painted my 5x7 frame for a more even look. I couldn't get in all the cracks of the frame's design that great with my sponge brush.

Hot glued skinny black ribbon to the back sides of the frame, and then pulled the ribbon across the front side and glued it on the back of the other side (hope that makes sense). The ribbon is so skinny, so I used two pieces of ribbon on each line to make them wider just a little bit.

Dumped out my button collection and picked out little black buttons.. 

and glued them onto the ribbons to use as dividers for the hair clips. Why? Well.. hehe, because the clips kind of slide down the ribbon because it's so skinny. 

Ya, this is nail glue! haha! I ran out of my glue stick in the middle of this project, so I went scrummaging around for super glue, but didn't have any, and I remembered I saved this from my attempt to have pretty fake nails for Valentine's (didn't turn out so hot) ... I just knew I would probably need it for something!

See how I did the ribbon? It's on the outside and around the frame part? 
Oh ya, I cut out some scrapbook paper to fit in the frame. I picked black and white because of the striving-for colors of our master bedroom! {I've mentioned them tons of times..}

And it's all finished and ready for some hair clips!

My Hubby is so encouraging.
He said, "It looks like a prison cell."
He made me laugh. 

All decorated with my little homemade clippies... 
I think the only ones I've actually worn so far are the brown crocheted flowers!

I'd really like to start making up a bunch of fun hair clips to sell during the summer or fall time with another crafty friend. And I had the thought last night about making up some of these hair clip holders to sell as well.. Hair accessories and holders! Lots of fun colors! .. My mind was just going last night. 

What do YOU think???


Puzzle Bear said...

Clever idea, and the hair clips are adorable!

~~Puzzle Bear~~

Amber Branconier said...

this is a great idea for storing clips.

Trisha said...

Such a great idea!!