Wrapping Paper Christmas Trees!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

O Christmas trees,  
O Christmas trees... 

 How lovely you are on my wall!

Somewhere I saw a cute cut out of a tree from scrap paper, and I got an idea to do this! 
I just cut out triangle shapes from Christmas wrapping paper and some brown scrap paper for trunks and glued them right onto the glass of the frames! I used hot glue to secure the glass down to the frames. (throwing out the backings). And glued some twin to the top to hang on the wall with a thumb tack.

I just LOVE them!

Everything was already on hand! 

 Very simple,

Very cheap,

and Very cute!

until next time.. 

happy holiday creativities!


Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

what a fabulous idea nice and easy and cheap, i love them thanks for sharing this. I always end up with spare bits of wrapping paper so what a great idea

Allison said...

How cute and easy are those! Love them.
Thanks for linking up!

Alison said...

GENIUS!! I love how simple these are... I never would have thought to make a wall hanging. Love it!